Datum narození: 1.6.1984
Národnost: Česká
Výška/Váha: 62kg/172cm
Jazyky: Čeština, Angličtina
MX/FMX: 1994 – 2002
Motocykl: Husqvarna 250 freestyle, Husgvarna 450 step up and Freeride
Top trik: Surfer Flip (autor Libor Podmol v roce 2014)
Hobby: Life, Moto, Family

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Získaná ocenění


  • FIM Freestyle motocross viceworld Champion
  • X- Games Bronz medal step up Minneapolis/USA
  • European Champion FMX Night of the Jumps
  • First Front Flip in Czech republic at Gladiator Games


  • X-Games Gold medal Step Up Austin/Texas
  • Australian Champion 2016 Speed and Style
  • 6th place Nitro World Games Freestyle Salt lake city/USA
  • 2nd place FIM Freestyle Motocross World Championship Stockholm/Sweden
  • 2nd place FIM Freestyle Motocross World Championship Krakow/Poland


  • Silver medal X-Games Austin, Texas/USA
  • 1st place FIM Freestyle Motocross Champiosnhip Shenzen/China
  • Winner of Gladiator Games Prague/Czech Republic
  • 3rd place FIM Freestyle motocross World Championship Basel/Switzerland
  • Organizer and winner of ROCKNRIDE Czech FMX Championship


  • Bronze medal X-Games Step UP Austin,Texas/USA
  • Bronze medal overal FIM World championship 2014
  • 1st place FIM Freestyle Motocross Championship Shenzen/China
  • 1st place FIM Freestyle Motocross World Championship Gdansk/Poland 1st place FIM FMX World Championship Basel/Switzerland


  • First non-American rider winning X-Games Gold Medal in MotoX StepUP ever
  • 1st place X-Games STEP UP Munich, Germany
  • 2nd place X-Games STEP UP Los Angeles, USA
  • 3rd place X-Games STEP UP Foz do Iguacu, Brazil
  • 4th place X-Games „FMX “ and „speed and style“ Foz do Iguacu, Brazil
  • 1st place FIM/IFMXF World Championship Berlin, Germany
  • 3rd place FIM/World Championship Basel, Switzerland
  • 3rd place FIM/IFMXF World Championship Kaunas, Lithuania
  • Quatemala FMX Champion 2013
  • 1st place „Style at Zurich/Switzerland
  • 2nd place FMX at Zurich/Switzerland
  • Movie about Libor Tomorrow will be better was sold in hollywood and movie got released all over USA and Canada in August 2013


  • 1st place FIM FMX World championship Torino, Italy
  • 1st place FIM FMX World championship Basel, Switzerland
  • 1st place FIM FMX World championship Togliati, Russia
  • 3rd place FIM FMX World championship Berlin,Germany
  • 2nd place X-Pilots Guadaljara, Mexico
  • 3rd place X-Pilots Monterey, Mexico
  • FMX Czech Champion 2012
  • Release of the movie Tommorow Will Be Better


  • 1st place FIM FMX World championship Berlin
  • 6th place – Dew Tour Salt lake city, USA
  • 4th place ASA World Championship ,California US


  • FIM Freestyle motocross World Champion
  • 1st-FIM/IFMXF World Championship – Fortaleza/Brazil
  • 1st-FIM/IFMXF World Championship – Vienna/Austria
  • 1st-FIM/IFMXF World Championship – Ostrava/ Czech republic
  • 1st-FIM/IFMXF World Championship – Berlin/ Germany
  • 1st-FIM/IFMXF World Championship – Bern/Switzerland
  • 1st-FIM/IFMXF World Championship – Sanliurfa/ Turkey
  • Red Bull Xfighters – Giza/Egypt
  • Red Bull Xfighters – Mexico city/ Mexico
  • 1st-Sony Ericson contest – Slovakia /Kosice
  • 1st- Czech Championship – Karlovy Vary/Czech Republic
  • 1st-best style- Horsefeathers FMX Jam – Prague/Czech Republic
  • Since begining of year filming documentary movie „Tomorrow will be better“ about life in FMX for Cinemas


  • 3rd overal FIM/IFMXF World Championship
  • 1st FIM/IFMXF Basel/Switzerland
  • 2nd FIM/IFMXF Grazz/Austria
  • 3rd FIM/IFMXF Berlin/Germany
  • BAJA 300/Germany
  • Sweetspot allstars JAM/Sweden
  • Gladiator Games/Prague


  • FIM/IFMXF Viceworld champion
  • Red Bull X-fighters Suppersession/Warsaw Polland
  • 2nd FIM/IFMXF Belegrad/Serbia
  • 3rd FIM/IFMXF WC Fortalezza/Brasil
  • Best Run, Best Double Horsefeathers FMX Jam 2008
  • 3rd best Moto athlet in czech/Gold Handlebars
  • Gladiator Games/Prague


  • FIM/IFMXF World vicechampion
  • Red Bull X-fighters Madrid semifinalist
  • 1st FIM/IFMXF Night of the Jumps/Katowice
  • 2nd IFMXF Night of the Jumps/Brasil
  • overall winner Step up Jump FIM/IFMXF


  • FIM/IFMXF World vicechampion
  • Red Bull X-fighters/Madrid
  • 2nd world ranking IFMXF
  • Best European Rookie 2006 FMX
  • 2nd Edge Games/Sweden


  • 3rd FMX Challenge/Finland
  • 3rd Israel championship


  • 2nd Czech national championship Motocross
  • 4th Czech national championship Supercross


  • Czech national 80cc motocross champion